What is 5G Beamforming
Hearing Aid?


Improved audibility in noisy environment

5G is new generation of mobile communication technology, with superb transmission speed and accuracy. Beamforming is instrumental to 5G transmission capability. EasyHear is the World’s first brand successfully applied this hi-tech to Hearing Aid, bringing noise cancellation, speech clarity and sound quality to new era.

Powered by 5G Beamforming. 90% noise cancellation.

Prestigious award winners, recognised by reputable ICT associations

EasyHear’s proprietary 5G Beamforming technology has received lots of international ICT awards, including the prestigious Chairman Award by “ICT Olympic” WITSA. Award-winning technology has patent registration in over 16 countries and areas.


Professor Ivan Fung shared his experience of using 5G Beamforming RIC model at noisy Causeway Bay

Mr. Ivan Fung is the Professor of Architecture & Civil Engineering at the University of Hong Kong. He often needs to communicate with people in noisy environment. Due to hearing impairment, there was several times he was almost hit by cars in his life. After being a father, he decided to better protect his own safety. Through his personal sharing, Professor Fung wishes to encourage those in-need to seek help from audiological professionals. Thanks to new generation of hi-tech Hearing Aid, audibility could be significantly improved. EasyHear Easy Life.

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Professional hearing test by Audiological professional

Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA) and other professional assessments will be performed by Audiological professional in a sound-proof testing room complied ANSI standard.


Hearing aid fitting

Based on Audiogram, considering work, daily habit, personal preference and finger movement ability etc, user will be advised on recommended model


Product trial and adjustment

Adjust Hearing Aid setting based on user's audibility profile. User will wear the hearing aid to test audibility such as phone listening, audibility from a distance, words with similar pronunciation. Continuous fine-tuning, save and store in the hearing aid. User can then access easily by press-and-listen.


Experience audibility at road-side

User can experience superb speech clarity in even noisy Mongkok or Causeway road-side. Powered by patented and clinically tested 5G noise cancellation technology.


Buy EasyHear & enjoy warranty and maintenance service

Our team is well trained to companion user in the hearing rehabilitation journey. User will attend a follow-up session normally in 2 weeks time. Warranty period is 1 to 3 years, depends on models. Maintenance service is provided by highly experienced and HK-based engineers.

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