Choosing EasyHear hearing aids

Types of hearing aids

Hearing aids have different styles. Wired and wireless are the easiest way to classify especially for the elderly. Technically, hearing aid could also be classified by mode of wearing like in-the-canal or behind-the-ear. Besides hardware, A.I. software is the soul of new generation of hearing aid, determining the clarity, details, fidelity and comfort of sound transmitted and heard by users.

Powered by 5G Beamforming. Combining hi-technology and trendy design.

5elements Inside-The-Ear
(ITE) [wireless]

Compact and trendy. Restore self-confidence.


5elements Receiver-In-Canal
(RIC) [wireless]

Speech captured : real-time, clear, original


5elements Behind-The-Ear (BTE)

Details unveiled: 360 degree acoustic



Bluetooth connect: multi-media enjoyment

Explore new generation of Hearing Aid

Hearing Aid is not simply a loudspeaker

Loudspeaker amplifies all sounds including noise. Those with hearing loss could possibly hear some sounds but this does not necessary mean they could listen and understand the speech. On the contrary, louder volume may damage hearing further.

New generation A.I. hearing aid is like a tiny computer

Only hi-tech hearing aid can deliver 360 degree and long range sound signal. This is made possible with high speed data processing, sound stratification and A.I. sound differentiation.  Based on user’s preference and lifestyles, customised the settings to treat specific needs (e.g. hearing loss caused by ageing usually started with high frequency). Deliver high clarity, fidelity and noise free sound that wearer could hear effortlessly and comfortability. 

Choose hearing aid

Hearing aid is an intimate solution to people with hearing impairment, just like glass spectacles. New generation of hearing aid has resolved long-existed problems in traditional hearing aid. Styles of hearing aid is important. Yet inner electronic components and softwares are deterministic to the hearing aid performance.  

There are many hearing aids in the market with wide spread of price points and quality. HEARS could be a useful selection criteria:


Distorted, machine-sound commonly existed in traditional hearing aid. Details and layers are lost during the processing, turning the sound into flat and non-human machine like. Delightful sound likes music, sea wave, bird singing are destroyed.


EasyHear Founder and Chief Engineer is Hi-Fi lover with high demand of fidelity. Powered by top notch signal processing and stratifying technology, hearing aid wearer not only hears but could listen to sound quality on par with originality.

Ease of wearing

Due to poor noise cancellation and sound quality, traditional hearing aid wearers have to be concentrated in order to grab the messages that are particularly stressful if long wear.

With proprietary and award-winning 5G Beamforming and noise cancellation, EasyHear users enjoy extended comfort and effortless hearing even if dealing with different acoustic environment. 

All rounded

Limited by technology, traditional hearing aid usually failed to capture all directions and long distance sound signals. That affects users experience when in church, lecture room and possibly missing sound signal from back.


EasyHear point-to-point focused sound collection and hi-tech microphone could effectively receive 360 degree and long range sound signal. Users could therefore hear the entire soundscape with high integrity. 

Reduce Noise

"Noise" and "messy sounds" are common complaints raised by traditional hearing aid wearer and may even delay treatment. Hearing loss if left untreated will cause unnecessary miscommunication in daily life. Ear cells and nerve need the stimulation from sound in order to stay active.

EasyHear award-winning 5G Beamforming technology has achieved exceptional signal-to-noise ratio. WIth EasyHear, users can now follow, interact with conversation partner even in challenging environment.


Besides loudness, speech also comprises of tone, pitch etc to deliver the intended content and emotion. For normal hearing person, audibility in noisy environment may be achieved by increasing sound volume. People with hearing loss requires a more sophisticated solution rather than just amplifying noise embedded sound in one-go.

Besides top edge noise cancellation technology, every EasyHear is also equipped with A.I. human voice tracing and ultra-fine sound stratifier which completes the missing elements in hearing impaired person threshold. With EasyHear, users can effortlessly reconnect to the acoustic world.

Daily usage and maintenance of hearing aid

  • Not to hit hard object or floor
  • Always keep dry and store in moisture-proof box when not in use. Do not wear hearing aid when swimming or face washing.
  • Clean daily with dry cloth before wear