Choosing EasyHear 5G hearing aid various series

Patented " 5G Beamforming Technology "

5G Beamforming refers to using multiple receivers to form beam stream with direction, point-to-point receives and outputs signals. EasyHear is world’s first company successfully applied Beamforming in hearing aid. This breakthrough has brought noise cancellation to a new era with superb 90% noise reduction. Users can hear high clarity speech even in noisy environment.

Conventional transmission

  • Broad signal coverage
  • Non-directional
  • Huge energy wastage
  • Signals are pose to interference
  • Week and diffuse transmission results
  • Restricted to short distance transmission

5G Beamforming Technology

  • Focused coverage
  • Point-to-point
  • Energy saving
  • Precise with lesser interference
  • Concise and high energy
  • Support long distance transmission

Benefits of 5G Beamforming Hearing Aid

  • Focused collection of sound signals
  • 90% noise cancellation
  • High clarity and fidelity sound output
  • Real time fast transmssion
  • Effectively receive long distance signal
  • All direction 360 degree sound receiving

5G Beamforming Hearing Aids

5elements Receiver-In-Canal (RIC)

EasyHear believes if user of hearing aid can listen real time and understand speech content accurately, user can effectively interact and communicate. EasyHear has developed unique speech listening technology. Extreme comfort remained even if prolong wear.

Utilise supreme speech technology. Stratify human voice from surrounding noise. User enjoy high clarity speech even in noisy environment.

Preserve original sound. Restore speech tone, phonetics (like s, th). User can better understand speech content.

User can hear real time high quality sound even in large room like lecture room and hall. Thanks to all direction long range up to 6m signal reception technology.

Shorten time delay and distance. User can interact promptly and naturally.

Compact, convenient, invisible. Extended comfort for long wear.

Suitable for mild to profound hearing loss


Award-winning 5G Beamforming technology. 90% superb noise cancellation. Resolved headache and discomfort caused by loud noise in traditional hearing aid. Blue tooth connects smartphone, online video for optimising multi-media enjoyment.

Connects to Android and iOS smartphone, bluetooth TV, computer. Sounds are directly streamed to the hearing aid with intensive clarity. Wearer can enjoy entertainment and receive information effortlessly. 

EasyHear is the first hearing aid delivers processed sound to both ears similantously with stereo lifelike natural sound. 

Big screen, big fonts, big button. Perfect for elderly easy control.

Suitable for mild to profound hearing loss

5elements Behind-the-Ear (BTE)

Sound signals come from all directions, friend’s speech, alarm signal at back etc. Footsteps, child’s laughters, bird’s singing, music melody are just a few lovely sounds that hearing impaired people lost. EasyHear BTE model delivers 360 degree realistic acoustic environment to the user. 

3D plus 6 meters long range sound signal collection. Full capture of speech and important sound signals. Lifelike sounds are delivered real-time. 

Sound details delivered with high clarity. Advanced sound stratifying technology. Listen to enjoyable and touching sound details.

Press and switch to different preset mode. Convenient and effortlessly.