World's first hearing aid powered by 5G Beamforming

EasyHear Founder & Chief Engineer Mr. Danny Cheung had over 20 years electronics, computer science, engineering R&D experience. He has contributed to leading ICT (information, communication, technology) in his role as Asia Pacific Chief Engineer and Technical Head. He lead Canada-Hong Kong EasyHear team comprised of experienced electronic engineer, audiologists and other professionals. Over 14 years, the team has been persistence in reinventing new hearing aid technology. The first masterpiece and new generation of Hearing Aid was released in 2012, the World’s first Hearing Aid powered by revolutionary 5G Beamforming technology. This proprietary has won “ICT Olympics” WITSA prestigious top award, Chairman Award. EasyHear is the only Hong Kong company receiving this esteemed award. This is well reported by leading press and media. All EasyHear hearing aids (RIC, BTE, body-worn) are powered by 5G Beamforming, offering superb quality and value-for-money hi-tech hearing aids. Especially suitable for elderly.

The University of Hong Kong released clinical study results on 5G Beamforming hearing aid:
95% users with improved audibility

According to the clinical study “Self-reported benefits and satisfaction with a Beamforming body-worn hearing aid for elderly adults” by Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences of the University of Hong Kong released on January 2019 by Professor Bradley McPherson, 95% users experienced improved audibility and communication. This study is published on leading science journal (International Journal of Otolaryngology, Volume 2018) 。


Overall audibility improved

Easier phone conversation


Clearer than previously used models

Hearing Loss & Elderly Care

Dr. Joanie Yu

Hearing loss is a common health problem related to ageing but often being neglected. Elderly’s hearing loss is not only about losing sound but will affect psychological health. Slow down your speech when talking to elderly and person with hearing impairment. Draw the person attention before start talking. Nowadays there are many ways to help audibility. About 90% of hearing impaired would need hearing aid to improve audibility. Dr. Yu calls for public’s attention on elderly hearing problem and take positive attention to address. Consult audiological professional advice when early hearing loss signal arises. Only less than 17% people with hearing loss will wear hearing aids. Huge room for improvement.

Hearing impaired student personal sharing

University of Hong Kong
Music Faculty
Mr. Dannie Lee
Severe to profound hearing loss
Over 15 years hearing aid user experience


Started with special education, Dannie then studied in mainstream secondary school. Now he is studying music in the University of Hong Kong. Dannie has profound hearing loss which means he could hardly involved in daily conversation if unaided. In meeting and conversation, he would be locked in silence if he has forgotten to wear hearing aids. He finds himself very lucky because he started wearing hearing aid when only 4 years old. So he will not resist it like many of his peers or relatives did.

Dannie has tried different types of hearing aid. The new generation of hearing aid is powered by 5G, with bluetooth connecting smartphone and telephone. Facilitated the daily life of hearing impaired. Even with a distance, Dannie could now listen early to speech. Hearing aid is now part of Dannie. He could enjoy the lovely sound, listen to every word. Thanks for the help of technology. Dannie is now leading a vigorous life.

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